You want to educate and interest your clients with quality content that really packs a punch. That’s where I can help. If you’re looking for something more than just a blogger, and someone who can provide an all in one plan, keep reading


I’m a Boston based content marketing strategist. That means I can help you develop a strategy to create content that helps drive traffic to your website, build authority for your brand and get your target clients clicking.


I work with B2B brands that are looking to build authority with content that engages and educates their readers. This includes creating lead magnets, blog content, guides, ebooks, and case studies.


You've heard the phrase: the money is in the list. Don't neglect your email subscribers, instead surprise and delight them with emails and newsletters that drive them to action.


I can help develop a long term content strategy to get your brand in front of both consumers and the key influencers in your industry. Wow your readers and turn them into loyal clients.

Here’s How I Can Help Your Brand

Your content can’t just be set it and forget it. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever and they expect more.


As a content marketing strategist, I can help you amplify your content by telling your story. I can help you create content that is all based around providing your clients with value and building trust.


I can understand your client’s buying journey and build a content creation and promotion plan that will help get your brand noticed and position you as a leader in your industry.