January 2017

How to Use HARO to get Media Mentions

There’s a tool I love for getting mentions on bigger sites and news outlets. It’s called HARO. It stands for Help a Reporter Out. Created by Peter Shankman, it helps connect reporters with people who can help them with stories. Sort of like outsourcing information. But, in a good way. For the longest time I had subscribed to the site […]

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fiction author email list

How Fiction Authors Can Build Their Email List

One thing I hear a lot from fiction authors is skepticism. Wait, what? Yup, how dare they doubt what I say! Kidding, well sort of. The skepticism is about writing autoresponder series. Now, everyone can acknowledge that a non-fiction author is probably going to have a lot more options when it comes to writing autoresponders. After all, usually they are […]

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