July 2017

How to Create a Customer Persona in 5 Easy Steps

Let’s face it, there are the sexy and fun parts of business and there are the boring (yet necessary) parts of business. Making money is fun. Creating customer personas is typically not so much fun. Unfortunately, you can’t make much of one without the other. This is one area where lots of brands fall short. When you ask “Who is […]

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FinTech real estate Disruptors- 5 Global Real Estate Brands to Watch in 2017

FinTech Disruptors: 5 Global Real Estate Brands to Watch in 2017

For most, FinTech means banks, Bitcoin, and all that good stuff associated with money. But, there’s another industry that FinTech is ready to disrupt: real estate.   This isn’t exactly new.    Real estate has always been closely entwined with banking. After all, few people can get involved in real estate (both as a buyer or investor) with loans. But in […]

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