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Liz Froment Boston freelance content writer

That’s me!

Hi there. I’m Liz Froment, and I’m a Boston based freelance content writer and strategist. Thanks for clicking over! On this page, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about me.


After years slogging away in corporate finance for some of the biggest names in both the Financial District and on Wall Street, you know who they are…


A few years after the infamous market crash, I decided to call it quits. I knew I wanted to work for myself and, more importantly, have the freedom to really explore my interests outside of finance.


A few years later, whew what a difference.


Now, I focus on delivering high-level content marketing strategy for B2B brands that want to educate and add value to their readers. That includes blog posts, white papers, case studies, guides, and yes, ghostwriting. You can see some examples of my work right on my main page, I’d be happy to provide more upon request.


I’ve written a number of guides and in-depth explainers that cover topics. Here are a few examples:


reveal marketing guide

I authored this 25 page guide to reveal marketing for Scratch-It.


reveal marketing 101 zembula

I’ve written all of the content behind an updated and more interactive version of Reveal Marketing 101 for Zembula.



I wrote this course for Location Rebel, with a marketing funnel featuring a blog post (with content upgrade) and landing page for the product.


You can see more of my blogging content work by clicking on any of the following links:



And here are a few places I’ve been featured:



I won’t give away my client’s names, but my ghostwriting work has also been seen on some of the most popular marketing blogs around.


I’ve also authored and co-authored a few books geared towards helping self-published authors improve their email marketing. Check those out right here, or by clicking the My Books link in the menu.


I’m currently certified in both Email Marketing and Inbound Marketing from Hubspot, you can see them at the bottom of this page.


If my skillset sounds like something you need (I think you do), then give me a shout and we can get started. I especially love working with other local Boston area brands!


When I’m not going all in on content marketing (or watching the Red Sox), you can find my bookworm tendencies shining through. While all of my content for clients is created in around the B2B marketing world, on this blog I do include quite a bit about books and reading. It’s just another way for you to see a real life example of how I can write for niche brands. So, feel free to explore, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a book recommendation you’d love to share.