fiction author email list

How Fiction Authors Can Build Their Email List

One thing I hear a lot from fiction authors is skepticism. Wait, what? Yup, how dare they doubt what I say! Kidding, well sort of. The skepticism is about writing autoresponder series. Now, everyone can acknowledge that a non-fiction author is probably going to have a lot more options when it comes to writing autoresponders. After all, usually they are […]

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10 Tips to Improve Your Autoresponders

I know a lot of online entrepreneurs who are fantastic bloggers, brilliant at promoting themselves, social media pros… …but when it comes to autoresponders? They freeze. Something about an autoresponder causes a lot of resistance. They often end up on the back burner. Everyone “knows” they need to be writing them. But how many actually are? Believe me, I know […]

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Why Headlines Matter (and My Best Trick to Improve Them)

If you’ve ever done the tiniest bit of exploration into the world of successful copywriting you’ll find out that there is one thing that is just as important as the copy… …the headline. But, you might think, the copy is where I sell, who cares about the headline? Who cares? The reader does. If you can’t get the reader to […]

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