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Email Marketing Best Practices- Infographic Style

Email Marketing Best Practices: Infographic Style

It should come as no big surprise that I think email marketing is really important for brands. The data really helps to back this up. A study from HubSpot found that “59% of B2B marketers cite email as the most effective channel for generating revenue.” Email marketing does work. That’s a fact. And while it’s not as ‘sexy’ as a […]

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Autoresponder Crash Course: 3 Campaigns to Get You Started

If you’ve read this post about email marketing, you know autoresponders are an important key to success. In this post, I want to take things a little bit deeper and get into some specific examples of autoresponders.┬áThese are simple (don’t worry there are photos) and anyone can use them. Alright, so before we get started, here’s a quick overview of […]

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fiction author email list

How Fiction Authors Can Build Their Email List

One thing I hear a lot from fiction authors is skepticism. Wait, what? Yup, how dare they doubt what I say! Kidding, well sort of. The skepticism is about writing autoresponder series. Now, everyone can acknowledge that a non-fiction author is probably going to have a lot more options when it comes to writing autoresponders. After all, usually they are […]

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