Pricing and Rates

Pricing and Process

Want to know a bit more about the process before you start? No problem, here are the answers to a few common questions.

Do you work per hour?

No, I prefer to work on a per-project rate. I focus on creating value when I work.

That means I spend ample time researching, bringing industry expertise, and ensuring everything fits in with the tone of your site.

I also focus on keyword research and ensure the post is optimized for search engines.

Can I hire you on a monthly retainer?


In fact, working together monthly allows me to work with you over the long term and plan out a fully formed content strategy. After all, these things take time to do right.

We can develop a plan that includes any combination of blog posts, guides, content upgrades, etc.

Do you do one-off projects?

Of course. I have the flexibility every month for a handful of one time projects. These are also based on a project basis.

Hopefully, after we’re finished, you’ll want to work together again in the future.

Why don’t you have a set of rates?

Here’s the honest answer: no two projects are the same.

I tailor my content and strategy around particular customer wants and needs. These can vary based on the scope and timetable of the project.

Can you do a quick turn around (like really quick)?

While I already provide quick turnarounds on my standard work, I move up the delivery time on any project.

Keep in mind requests for priority delivery will pay additional costs so I can clear the decks and get to work.

Can we chat for a consultation?

I’m happy to offer a road mapping sessions. These 30 minute consultations all us to have a chat about where you’re at right now and where you’re hoping to go with your content. After all, it’s just as important to me that you get value too.

After we chat, I’ll provide you with a report of what we discussed plus some actions steps to move forward.

If you’d like to schedule a road mapping session, fill in the contact form below. I’ll send you a short set of questions and we can get started.