10 Lead Magnet Ideas to Entice Email Subscribers

Alright, you know you should be building an email list. Hell, I know I should be building one too.

But it can be a lot easier said than done.

The fact of the matter is, the bigger the email list the more money can be made. That’s a good thing for brands, right?

Now I know what you’re thinking: but we don’t sell a product or service that people care about email lists.

Let’s dispell with that myth right now.

It doesn’t matter what your brand is you should be working on building your email list.

One of the best ways to do that is through the lead magnet. A lead magnet is a very nice marketing word for a bribe. Yup, a bribe.

Basically, here’s how it works:

You create something that is so cool/wonderful/useful to your ideal customers and offer it to them in exchange for their email address.

Customer gives you their email, you give them the great stuff.

Simple, right?

Now here’s where brands run into trouble: they can’t come up with lead magnet ideas.

I get it, coming up with this stuff is hard. That’s what this post is for, ideas. Keep reading, and hopefully, you’ll be able to use a few of them for your own website.

Lead Magnet Ideas


Checklists work (ahem you can see one on this site). They are popular because they are useful and are easily consumed. People like to be walked through things step by step, especially when they aren’t sure how to get started. You don’t need to go crazy with your checklists, create them in Google Docs and convert to PDF form.


Visual content is really hot right now. There’s a big reason of course because they work. You can create a brand new infographic, or you can take content you’ve already created and turn it into infographics. Visme is an excellent tool to help create your own infographics easily.

Free Trial

This is a good concept for brands that run say a SaaS product. Give users a free trial to your product in exchange for their emails. It doesn’t have to be crazy long like months. You can go as few as three or seven days to start. You can include information in the lead magnet like how to get started using the product.

How To Ebook

No matter what kind of content you give away, you do want to make sure you’re always providing value to your readers. What’s more value than showing people how to best use your product or service? Lots of people might not realize how great it is and are missing out.

Cheat Sheets

A cheat sheet is great because it takes away the need to think for your consumer. Some people love to dive deep and explore, others just want to be told what to do. The cheat sheet lets your customers find the best solutions for them. And, the fact that you’re providing it is perfect.


A classic lead magnet for brands is to use the report. There’s a reason why this is a go-to idea. It not only helps give consumers really valuable information, but it helps to establish your brand with a level of expertise in the field. Create a really well-done report, and you’ll see it cited everywhere.


People are always looking for ways to make their lives and businesses easier and more efficient. So, anytime you have a bunch of go to tools that work really well for your brand, you’ve got a lead magnet waiting to happen. Share your tools that make your business run.


Who doesn’t love to save a bit of money? Well, chances are, your potential customers would love to have a chance to get your product or service at a discount. A really easy way to do that is to offer a simple coupon or discount code to anyone who gives you their email address.

Free Consultation

Never be afraid to offer a bit of your time to help out your customers. Even if they aren’t ready to buy just yet, that value will stay with them. One way to do this is to use a lead magnet that gives away a free consultation. This doesn’t need to be hours of your time, even 15 minutes would work.

Video Content

It’s possible you’ve already been creating video content already, so why not package it and offer it to your customers in one place? Use a lead magnet offer to get customers a video course or even a special event like a webinar or a talk that your CEO has given. There are lots of opportunities.

These are just a few lead magnet ideas you can start using to build your list today. Don’t be afraid to test a few ideas out and see what works better. And, more importantly, be sure to communicate with those on your email list frequently.