Tired of Feeling Lost About Bitcoin? Try These 5 Resources

Answer this question….now don’t be shy!

Do you have any real idea how Bitcoin actually works?

For a lot of people, the answer is no. And listen, I was right there with you. I’ve known about Bitcoin for years and had a relatively sound understanding of it.

But lately, as it’s been in the news more and more, I’ve wanted to dig a bit deeper. And there comes the first problem.

There is tons of information out there on Bitcoin.

The problem? A lot of it is outdated or confusion or (yes, I’ll say it not great).

If you’ve been struggling to learn Bitcoin the same way I was, I understand why you might have thrown your hands up and said forget it, I’m moving on.

Hang on just a second there, because there are some great resources out there about Bitcoin that can help you get learning.

I’ve collected a few of them and want to share them here. Consider these a nice primer to get started on learning the basics of Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin Matters by Mark Andreessen

Andreessen is a big VC and early investor in Bitcoin. He wrote this article in the New York Times in 2014, forever (and about $3,500 per BTC) ago in the Bitcoin world.

He gives a good overview of what Bitcoin is, and some predictions on why it’s so exciting.

The Bitcoin ledger is a new kind of payment system. Anyone in the world can pay anyone else in the world any amount of value of Bitcoin by simply transferring ownership of the corresponding slot in the ledger. Put value in, transfer it, the recipient gets value out, no authorization required, and in many cases, no fees.

You can read the article here.

Hash Power Episode 1: Understanding Blockchains

All right, this is technically an audio documentary from the guys at Investor’s Field Guide. Set aside about 2 hours to really dive into this first in an upcoming series. The second is out now too, and that covers more on investing in cryptocurrencies.

I follow a number of people on Twitter who are big into the Bitcoin world and a number of them thought this was excellent.

They were right. It really gives an incredible overview featuring some of the top names in Blockchain like Naval¬†Ravikant¬†and there is no push here to buy like you might find with other Bitcoin-related things. It’s all about offering a detailed overview to give you as much good information as possible.

I’m really into this series.

Give it a listen here.

What is Bitcoin: A Step By Step Guide

If you want the A-Z of Bitcoin it can be hard to find something that is concise and to the point.

You might just want some information that will let you know what Bitcoin is all about but you don’t really want to spend the rest of your life reading about it. That’s where this post can really come in handy.

It walks you through all of the basics of Bitcoin like:

  • Where can you get them
  • Where can you store them
  • How to protect them once you have them
  • What are some disadvantages

Read this and you’ll be able to impress your friends with some casual Bitcoin talk at your next meetup.

You can find the post here.

Banking on Bitcoin

This is a documentary from mid-2016, which means in terms of pricing, it’s already out of date. But, in terms of giving a nice overview of Bitcoin, the Blockchain, how it works and how regulators are looking at as something to contend with.

It features many of the ‘big names’ in the Bitcoin world, and I thought the graphics did a really good job of explaining how it all works.

You can check out this movie on Netflix, iTunes, and YouTube.

The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos

It’s hard to recommend a lot of books on Bitcoin just because everything around it moves so quickly that they can become outdated. But, The Internet of Money is a good primer.

Andreas is one of the biggest names out there in the Bitcoin world, so he’s a guru of sorts to many enthusiasts and other experts alike.

This book is a quick read, it’s essentially transcriptions of a series of talks he gave on Bitcoin from 2013-2016 around the world. It covers everything from the history of money as we know it to Bitcoin, the Blockchain, technology and more.

If you want to follow more of his recent talks and thought on cryptocurrency, be sure to check out his YouTube page.

For more books on understanding cryptocurrency, take a look at this post too. You’ll find a number of books that help explain the rise of these new currencies.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of stuff out there on Bitcoin and the last thing you want to do is be lead astray. I hope these posts will end up providing you with some of the best Bitcoin-related content out there right now.

Get through these, and you’re going to have a better grasp on Bitcoin than a lot of people out there. It’s an exciting and interesting time for cryptocurrency right now, and I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing where it leads.