Guides and Whitepapers

Guides and Whitepapers

I’ve written a number of guides and whitepapers. Here are a few examples:

The Rebel's Guide to Mastering Email

I developed and created this course with Sean Ogle for Location Rebel. In this course, students are guided step by step through not only the importance of email but also how to pitch influencers and brands.

Reveal Marketing 101

Through a series of in-depth blog posts, I educated Zembula’s¬†customers about the science behind reveal marketing. These posts were used to create a ‘101’ level educational introduction to this type of marketing.

Reveal Marketing: Unwrapping the Secrets to Higher Engagement

This is a 25 page whitepaper I wrote for Scratch-It about reveal marketing. It highlights a number of scientifically backed studies to showcase how this SaaS product can dramatically increase email marketing engagement levels.